Whole The Truth


The Whole Truth is one of the most sought after D2C brand that sells protein bars, breakfast cereals and other healthy grocery products in India.
Problem statement: Ttheir internal team. Being stagnated at certain revenue levels, they had no clarity on how to scale up revenues along with a clear picture of the spends needed to reach their aggressive targets.
Observations: On completing the audit of the account, we realized the following issues;
  • Product distribution was not upto industry best standards and they were shipping all productsfrom one city.
  • A few categories were sold through MFN a few were sold through FBA.
  • Campaign structures were not well defined for them to take actions on budget allocations based on the performance of every targeting segment and campaign type.
  • Product detail pages lacked high search volume keywords and organic visibility for the brand had
  • a lot of scope to improve.
  • New product launches were scheduled but did not have a GTM strategy from an advertising pov.


  • We initially compiled a keyword list based on search volumes and purchase intent and implemented these keywords into the product detail pages.
  • We started registration processes in other FCs in India and got access to multiple FBA centers & started shipping products to these FBA centers.
  • We created campaigns with an extremely good readable structure where one could get an idea of the performance of a targeting strategy implemented without having to download reports and process them.
  • With a clear budget allocation strategy between branded and non branded keywords / ASINs and product category, we could scale up revenues achieved on generic keywords and competitor brands with clear data points for decision makers to validate our direction and strategy.
  • With all the measures taken above, we saw a 2X jump in monthly revenues that did not come at the expense of an increased advertising budget.
  • With aggressive advertising strategies, we got a 4X growth in quarterly revenues.
  • With products being available in a 24 hour window, we saw conversion rates and CTRs increase by 50% from their previous values.