Toddler Thing


A Toddler Thing is a vibrant and innovative children’s brand that caters to the needs of young minds and growing imaginations. With a delightful range of educational toys and playful essentials

Problem statement:

Toddler Thing, a company dealing with toddler-related products, faced challenges in generating adequate sales and visibility despite having a range of products. The primary issue was limited brand awareness and the absence of a well-optimized process for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The company relied on word-of-mouth references, which didn’t provide the desired sales growth.


  • Audit and Optimization: Toddler Thing initiated an audit of their FBA account to identify areas of improvement. They streamlined their FBA process to ensure smoother operations and faster deliveries.
  • Listing Optimization: The company focused on improving product listings by optimizing keywords, images, content, and descriptions to make them more attractive and relevant to potential customers.
  • Target Audience Research: Toddler Thing conducted thorough research to understand the target audience’s preferences and search behavior. This knowledge helped them tailor their content and advertising strategies accordingly.
  • Key Product Focus: Identifying high-potential products, Toddler Thing put extra efforts into promoting them and ensuring they received higher visibility on the platform.
  • Advertising Campaigns: The company launched strategic advertising campaigns to increase their visibility, particularly on the first search result page. This exposure helped drive more traffic to their listings.
  • PR and Branding: Toddler Thing leveraged a PR article to announce their fund raise, creating positive brand awareness and recall among potential customers.
  • Scaling Up: By expanding advertising efforts across a wider range of products, Toddler Thing aimed to reach a broader audience and drive incremental sales.


  • Word-of-mouth client references were not sufficient to drive significant sales and brand awareness for Toddler Thing.
  • The FBA process lacked proper optimization and streamlining, hindering the brand’s visibility on Amazon.
  • The product listings needed improvement in terms of keywords, images, content, and product descriptions to attract the target audience effectively.
  • Understanding the target audience’s search behavior was crucial to identifying relevant keywords and content strategies.
  • Some key products had potential but were not receiving enough visibility to drive sales.
  • There was a decent search volume for the product category, indicating market interest.
  • Toddler Thing needed to increase its visibility on the first search result page to attract more customers.
  • A PR article about the company’s fund raise could lead to increased brand recall and credibility.
  • Scaling up advertising efforts across a wide range of products was necessary to drive sales growth.


A toddler thing saw a growth percentage increase in sales per quarter 5x.