How a popular D2C cosmetics brand achieved a 40% growth in QoQ revenues and reduced customer returns with revamped imagery on Amazon India markets are a vendor to Amazon and have partnered with RK Worldinfocom for fulfilling their orders on Amazon India.

Problem statement: The brand was looking to revamping their imagery in order to strengthen their influence over the cosmetics market in India.

Observations: On completing an audit of the existing imagery, we realised the following issues:
  • Product detail page images and EBC templates lacked consistency of brand design language across all products.
  • Images lacked compliance with Amazon’s image guidelines and in some cases, images were absent.
  • Images were unable to communicate the brand / product USPs effectively with the consumer.
  • Raw images in their existing image directory were not suitable for making effective creatives.
Solution: In line with our observations, we suggested doing a photoshoot for their products from ground up and had their products shipped to our design studio. The following were the solutions implemented:

  • The white background images were completely revamped with a strong focus on having the product cover 80% of the white space. We also had a swatch of the product as a part of the first image.
  • Knowing the fact that the customers of the cosmetics brands are influenced by bright attractive colors showcasing the color palettes in their purest form, we created lifestyle images
  • We revamped the EBC templates with the thought process of having uncluttered communication set inside a colorful background that brought out the USPs of the product and the brand as soon as someone looked at the images.
  • For all the images, we replaced short text phrases with infographics which further made the images more readable.
  • Changes in the white background images led to more clicks being generated on the advertising window. Average CTRs improved from 0.25% – 0.80% and more.
  • Clear focus and communication through the color palettes and swatches, we were able to improve the voice of customers since less people were unhappy with the wrong color purchase.