Neemans is a brand that focuses on providing high-quality, sustainable, and stylish footwear to its customers. Revboosters, a specialized marketing agency, stepped in to help Neemans achieve their goals by implementing a data-driven and advertising-focused approach.
Problem statement: Neemans, a shoe brand, faced challenges in establishing a strong brand presence despite extensive research on Google. They needed to improve their online reviews and ratings, attract investors, and increase visibility to their target audience. Revboosters was brought in to address these issues and provide a solution that would lead to significant growth in sales
  • Neemans had a well-researched product but struggled to gain visibility and recognition in the highly competitive shoe market.
  • Their online reviews and ratings were not sufficient to build trust among potential customers.
  • Additionally, they needed to attract investors to fuel their growth and expand their operations.


Revboosters devised a comprehensive advertising-focused approach to improve Neemans’ brand visibility and reputation. The following steps were taken to address the challenges:

  • Visibility Boost: Revboosters focused on enhancing Neemans’ visibility in search results. By optimizing their website and content, Neemans started ranking higher in relevant searches.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Revboosters identified the right target audience for Neemans and collaborated with influencers to promote the brand. They partnered with prominent figures like Mandira Bedi and even leveraged the popularity of the Indian cricket team as mascots to attract the ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • D2C Targeting: Revboosters identified 25 to 35 specific groups with a penchant for trying new brands. This direct-to-consumer (D2C) targeting strategy aimed to capture the attention of adventurous customers who were willing to experiment with new products.
  • Scaling Sales: With the increased visibility and targeted marketing efforts, Neemans’ sales experienced rapid growth. Revboosters strategically planned promotional campaigns like the Diwali Sale, which led to a significant surge in sales, from 40X and ultimately reaching 57X during festive campaigns.


The collaboration with Revboosters yielded outstanding results for Neemans:

  • Importance to Reviews and Ratings: Revboosters focussed on increasing the reviews and ratings for the product.
  • Increased Sales: The visibility boost and advertising-focused approach led to a remarkable 40X increase in sales, bringing the brand to the forefront of relevant search results.
  • Successful Brand Establishment: Neemans transformed from a lesser-known brand to a well-established and recognized name in the shoe market.
  • Attracted Investors: The impressive growth and success of Neemans caught the attention of investors, enabling the brand to secure funding for further expansion.
In conclusion, Revboosters played a pivotal role in propelling Neemans’ brand visibility and sales growth. Through effective advertising, targeted influencer collaborations, and strategic D2C targeting, Neemans achieved significant success, ultimately becoming a prominent player in the shoe market.