Millions and millions of people will flock to Amazon to buy more than any other time of the year.

So, a perfectly crafted and optimised Amazon PPC ad campaign will not only drive insane traffic to your product listing, but you might even get out of stock within hours.

The average cost per click (CPC) on Amazon is around $0.02- $3, however, it greatly depends on the product category, marketplace, as well as ad type.

When it comes to the outcome, Amazon PPC sales typically generate 10 – 30% of total sales.

You should also mind that PPC campaigns influence your organic sales as well, therefore you need to see your organic sales and PPC sales as separate figures.

TACOS (total ACOS), or ROAS of Amazon, allows sellers to measure the effect of their advertising on the long-term growth of their sales. Tracking your TACOS over time can show how your ad spend boosts your organic sales.

So, with the right advertising strategy, you can not only increase your ROI quickly and easily, but also boost your organic sales in the long run.