The ‘arrives before or after Christmas’ feature is surely one of the most useful features to be introduced by Amazon, which improves the clarity of the delivery date even without clicking on the product itself.

Which subsequently increases the CTR of the variation.

But, there also has been a dramatic drop in sales for the products that ‘’arrives after Christmas’’

Because the person ordering knows exactly when to expect it to arrive.

This is very important when you’re purchasing gift items for Christmas, and you would rather not buy than receive it after the 25th.

If you’re seeing drop in sales, here’s what you can do:

  • Constantly monitor your shipping status. We have seen the status change in some of the variations in a few hours.
  • Switch the ads from the variations that ‘’arrives after Christmas’’ to the variations that ‘’arrives before Christmas’’.
  • Check with multiple zip codes. If your PPC ad is showing regardless of the zip code, the ‘’arrives after Christmas’’ is destroying your conversions.
  • However, customers will still buy things that ‘’arrive after Christmas’’ because they need the product anyway. So, hold your breath and get things going.